since 1990

Borneo Safari International Off Road Challengers is South East Asia's biggest extreme off-roading event. Every year it attracts over 800 participants with 300 vehicles from various nations around the world. The 4×4 action usually kicks off the week before with the Borneo Outdoor Show. It's the ideal opportunity for off-road enthusiasts and visitors to get a glimpse of the action that awaits during the Borneo Safari International Off Road Challenge.

The event normally kicks off with a grand flag-off in the heart of the Kota Kinabalu. The crowd and participants are big enough to attract major media attention and the event is even marked in Sabah Tourism's diary. Vehicle with extreme modifications and decorated with hundreds of stickers offered from Sponsors filled the roads almost throughout it's intended destination. Every year, different destinations are planned well-ahead and the state of Sabah, North Borneo offers almost unlimited new challenges for its participants, thumbs-up guaranteed. Participants can either compete in the Special Stage category or join the Expedition category for the adventure.