Competition Format (Competitors)

The Borneo Safari International 4x4 Challenge is an event designed to bring four wheel drive enthusiast together from around the world, with the ultimate aim of successfully completing a unique eight (08) Day Off-Road expedition through Northern Borneo, covering an estimated of 1000km of some of the most challenging and varied off-road tracks.

Competition Special Stages are included throughout to test driver, co-driver and vehicle capabilities and endurance. The result will be calculated at the end of each day and displayed for overall result and standing. The result of the last two SS will only be open during the Prize Presentation Dinner cum Closing Ceremony.

Jurisdiction of the Special Stages (SS) shall be under the Competition Committee.

The Competition Manager shall head the Competition Committee and be supported by any number of officials so appointed by the Organizing Secretariat.

Disputes and protest shall be referred to the Competition Committee and shall be arbitrated upon by whose decision shall be final and binding.

The Borneo Safari is designed as a competitive expedition to produce the spirit of adventure, teamwork, driving skills and safety to bring out the very best in man and machine.

Penalty points will be given should safety rules be breached in the form of dangerous driving, over speeding, vehicle & equipment abuse, as well as unruly behavior.

Participating teams will compete for awards, which are presented in recognition of driving skill, innovation in vehicle recovery, obstacle clearing and of utmost importance, cooperation and team spirit.

Points will be allocated for many special stages set during the event.

Competition Teams may be allowed to substitute Driver or Co-Driver prior to the event and only upon consent of the Competition Committee.

100 Points penalty will be given to any team request for repair outside the SS site.

All competitors are not allowed to observe and watch while SS is in progress. This is to ensure fair play.

Track Marshalls must ensure that no sensitive area is destroyed during setting of SS.

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Special Stages (Competitors)

The Special Stages (SS) shall fall under the following categories or a combination thereof;

Relative to time taken, the overall assessment of the competitor’s performance will be based on Point System.

Instructions and briefing will be issued prior to commencement of each Special Stages.

The starting order for SS-1 will be by ballot system or otherwise in which shall be decided by the Competition Manager. The starting order for all subsequent SS will be selected by the latest overall event placing, by other manner or deem fit by the competition committee. Consecutively run SS shall use the same starting order until updated results can be calculated and displayed.

Drivers and co-drivers must have a current drivers license issued by any motor authority and must be recognized under the Motor Traffic Act of Malaysia. International participants will require an International driver’s license (Please see event registration form).

The driver and co-driver combination must remain the same for the entire event. Alternating between driver and co-driver for any particular SS is NOT permitted unless it is specified by the competition manager for a particular SS.

The co-driver must be seated with helmet & safety belt fastens while in the vehicle at the start of each SS and also upon entering the finish box at the end of each SS unless specified by the competition manager.

Upon instruction by the Starter, the driver and/ or co-driver will commence the SS by personally pressing the official stopwatch at the allocated station. Upon returning inside the Finish Box, the driver and/ or co-driver will once again personally de-press the stopwatch. This will officially cease the SS.

The driver must align the most forward part of the vehicle with the starting pegs at the start of any SS as guided by the Starting Official. If a competitor infringes the finish box boundary, a penalty will be incurred. Competitors shall not move from the finish garage until asked, by the time keeper.

No passengers other than the driver and co-driver combination are allowed in the vehicle during SS.

Crash helmet & seat belts must be worn and secure during all SS. Lap sash type being the minimum.

Each competitor must start in their respective ballot order unless prior permission is granted by the Competition Manager. Any vehicle not ready to start at the time the previous vehicle leaves the start shall be deemed a non starter and no points awarded.

A DNF time will be set & briefed prior to the start of each SS. The following competitor must be on standby, ready to start immediately after the removal of the previous competitor off the course. (Within three (03) minutes).

SS will be scored with points being allocated in order of merit from fastest to slowest. If no competitor reaches the finish line or completes the section in the allotted time, the competitor who advanced the farthest or completed the section in the lowest time shall gain the highest points.

The Competition Manager may choose to score a SS on the ability of the competitor to complete the SS nonstop, e.g.; completes the SS while maintaining unassisted forward motion throughout the SS. This type of SS will not be scored on time. The distance gained will be measured at the forward most part of the vehicle when the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

The SS can be marked by pegs, bunting, course-boundary marker tape or stated as a formed track. Penalties will be incurred by hitting pegs or infringing the course boundaries.

It is a requirement that each SS be attempted by each team. Failure to attempt a SS without prior accepted reason will incur penalties.

All recovery equipment must be secured inside the vehicle at the finish of a SS.

Competitors will be penalized for driving over a winch rope or allowing it to drag along the ground.

Penalties will be imposed for an unsecured winch cable at the finish of any SS.

A competitor cannot incur penalties above the score gained in the SS.

Failure to use a tree trunk protector on trees, dead or alive, during winching operations will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to amend or add supplementary rules and regulations to this event guide, at any time, without notice.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to add-on additional rules "in-situ" and to decide on matters not covered in this set of rules and regulations and allocate penalty points at their discretion.

The Competition Manager shall brief the competitors of any new instructions prior to a specific SS. Competitors breaching these will incur penalty points.

The vehicle must come to a complete stop in a Controlled Area before the gate can be opened. Gate must be closed unless stated at briefing (10 point penalty for failure to close gate).

The only exception to this rule is if the vehicle is already being winched into the area, in which case the gate can be opened prior to the vehicle entering. If gate is pre-opened under any other condition, a 10 point penalty will apply.

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Protest (Competitors)

A protest must be handed in writing to the competition manager within 2 hours of receiving the scores of the particular Special Stages section along with RM2,000.00, which shall be forfeited if the protest is dismissed.

The Competition Committee and any nominated official shall be required to arbitrate on any formal protest and must have 100 % agreement for any judgment to be upheld.

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Advertising, numbers & Stickers

All Competition vehicles are required to carry all stickers given by the Organizing Committee and affixed onto their assigned places on the vehicle. Any non-compliance means disqualification without any refund of fees.

Competitors are NOT allowed to carry their own sponsor's stickers without prior approval by the Chief Scrutinizer. Competitors are advice to observe this condition most carefully, as it is the intention of the Organizers to enforce this rule rigorously. A breach will result in disqualification without refund of fees. In the event of any doubt, please liaise with the Organizers.

In the event a Competitor is unable to put a particular sticker due to corporate policy or other reasonable grounds, the Organizers may at their absolute discretion allow the Competitor to forgo the sticking of the particular sticker and allow the Competitor to use their own sticker in the same place but only upon payment of the penalty as imposed by the Organizers.

Stickers Scrutinizing shall be during Event Briefing (usually on the eve of event).

Apart from Sponsor’s Stickers, any other stickers must be removed or blank out. Any non-compliance means disqualification without any refund of fees.

Only corporate registered vehicles are exempted from this rules.

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Competition Penalties (Competitors)


When all four wheels of a competing vehicle cross the boundary of the Track Course. The particular team must immediately remove their vehicle from the course to allow other vehicles to start.

A competitor have not completed the SS in the allotted time. The particular team must immediately remove their vehicles from the course to allow other vehicles to start.

A competitor can choose to DNF, due to a mechanical fault. The particular team must immediately remove their vehicle from the course to allow other vehicles to start.

A competitor will DNF if they receive any outside assistance during the running of a SS.

A competitor will DNF if they carry & place a winch cable inside their vehicle during SS.

A competitor will DNF if their vehicle misses or fails to enter a specific gate (Miss-gate).

Driver and Co-driver fails to fastened crash helmets and seatbelts securely at the finish box during the allotted time.


A Competitor who, without accepted reason and approved by the Competition Manager, fails to start 03 minutes after the timing has commenced for a SS will deem the competitor DNS and incurs a 60 Point penalty.

A competitor who did not pass the DNF Pole.

A Competition vehicle that did not have functional system 4WD during the start of the SS.


A Penalty Pole and the DNF Pole is usually identified by a double or more marker tapings. Competitors will be briefed prior to starting the S.S.


Gates used on undefined courses shall be comprised of 2 pieces of bunting/tape tied separately around 2 pegs or 2 fixed items.

Gates shall be placed in clear view of approaching Competitors.

Gates shall be driven through in the nominated sequence unless advised otherwise during the stage briefing.



  1. Gloves used for the competition must cover all fingers. Gloves that expose fingers are prohibited.
  2. Winch cables MUST be reeled back into the winch spool OR wound over the winch bumper after use during the SS except for snapped portion. Failure to comply will result in a penalty.
  3. Cable damper is MANDATORY during winching regardlessof type of winch cable used i.e. Wire Rope or Plasma Rope or other cables.

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Disqualifications (Competitors)


Competitors not using a Tree Trunk protector in any winching situation, whether the anchor tree is alive or dead unless a chain or other winching point has been provided by the Track Officials for use by teams.

Competitors not using a Crash Helmet during the competitive stage whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Three continues DNS.


Competitors found to seek favor from, influence, manipulate, obstruct or interfere with the duties of any member of the Competition Committee or Track Officials.

Competitors found to interfere or tamper with, any other competitors’ vehicle whatsoever.

Competitors found to consume alcohol/ un-prescribed drugs prior to or during any Special Stages.

Ammended: DNF - Did Not Finish

DNF with points will only be awarded if the competitor passes the DNF pole (Which will be specified by the Track Marshall). The maximum points awarded as per scoring method below. 60 points will be deducted if the competitor does not pass the DNF Pole without a valid reason as per DNF penalty as stated above, even if he has entered the SS track.

If a Driver or Co-Driver leaves the SS track to seek assistance / acquire tools or any apparatus to aid during the competition SS, The maximum points awarded as per scoring method below 60 points will be deducted.

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Scoring (Competitors)

Competitors who complete SS within the DNF time will be allocated points in order of merit from fastest to slowest as follows;

Score TABLE-A shall be applied should the number of Competitors is less or equal to 20. This Point System will be maintained even if less than 15 Team competes. Subsequent team will score equivalent of the 15th Competitor. A 10-Point will be allocated to any team that fails to finish the S.S. within the DNF time.

1 x 60 6 x 29 11 x 19 DNF x 10
2 x 50 7 x 26 12 x 18 DNS x 00
3 x 42 8 x 24 13 x 17
4 x 36 9 x 22 14 x 16
5 x 32 10 x 20 15 x 15

This Score Table B shall be applied should the number of Competitors exceeds 20. A 20 points will be allocated to any team that fails to finish the SS within the DNF time.

1 x 100 11 x 66 21 x 45 31 x 35
2 x 95 12 x 63 22 x 44 32 x 34
3 x 90 13 x 60 23 x 43 33 x 33
4 x 87 14 x 58 24 x 42 34 x 32
5 x 84 15 x 56 25 x 41 35 x 31
6 x 81 16 x 54 26 x 40 36 x 30
7 x 78 17 x 52 27 x 39 37 x 29
8 x 75 18 x 50 28 x 38 38 x 28
9 x 72 19 x 48 29 x 37 39 x 27
10 x 69 20 x 46 30 x 36 40 x 26

In the event where two or more teams recorded identical performance in any of the Special Stages, they will each be awarded the same points for the placing they have tied for. Subsequent teams being awarded the points for the actual placing.

Example - If two teams tie for the Third placing on a SS, they will each receive the . points for Third place.

In the event of a tie in the overall points standing at the completion of the final SS, precedence in the standings will be given to the team with the greater number of maximum points scored during the SS. If this fails to resolve the tie, then the number of second best performances will be considered and so on until the tie is resolve.

These points will be accumulated over all the SS and after the completion of the final SS, the total points will be used to decide the various winners of the Borneo Safari International 4x4 Challenge Award.

Results of the final two SS will not be announced or displayed and shall be kept confidential until they are announced at the Closing Ceremony Dinner.

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