Passport & Immigration

All foreign and non-Sabahan participants in Borneo Safari are to submit photocopies of their international passport to the Organiser to facilitate clearance by Malaysian authorities.

Accommodation (All Participants)

Except where stated, no accommodation shall be provided during the journey to the participants as this is an outdoor adventure. All participants are expected to have the basic outdoor survival gear such as tents and cooking utensils. Participants are advised to bring rations to suit their own taste buds during the duration.

The Organiser shall not be held responsible if circumstances prevent attempts to locate a favourable campsite.

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Passengers (All Participants)

Apart from members and authorised participants, no other passenger (s) is allowed in team vehicles except in emergencies, accidents or at the request of the Officials/ Marshalls.

Officials/ Marshalls can request to be picked up by team vehicles.

Hitch hikers are strictly prohibited in all vehicles.

Team members whose vehicles have broken down will be picked up by Support vehicles subject to availability of space.

In case of emergency or accidents, a team vehicle must transport passengers (including local residents) to the nearest Check-point/ Convoy Ambulance Doctors or the nearest Medical Assistance available.

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Vehicle Breakdown Assistance (All Participants)

In the event of a breakdown or disabled vehicle, the event organisers will assist in getting the vehicle to a tarmac road and/or an accessible area whereupon it is the participants responsibility to arrange the necessary repairs and to rejoin the event. If repairs are not possible, they shall be deemed a non-finisher.

No other assistance shall be expected from the organisers, remembering that participants are expected to be self sufficient during the event.

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Media Crisis Management (All Participants)


During the event, there will be a large contingency of media from around the globe. They will write their articles on their own impressions of this event. Most have experience with other events from around the world. It is important that we ensure this event is up to, or exceeds their expectations in all areas, including safety and protection of the environment.

The media has a right to report news that they see fit. It is important that anything we do, reflects positively on our chosen recreation of 4 wheel driving and ensures we are viewed as a responsible organization.


A media crisis is defined as - Potentially adverse media or public interest generated by an incident at an event, which could threaten the reputation of the event or organisation in the future.

An incident is defined as - An unusual or unplanned event (of significance) in which,


It is the event committee’s aim to ensure a safe and incident free adventure. However, with any type of motorsport, there is an element of danger and unplanned incidents are not unusual. Therefore, if we have an incident, that has the potential to become a media crisis, however caused, either personal injury, vehicle accident or environmental concerns, competitors are advised to refer all media questions to the event coordinator. After he has been briefed on all aspects of the crisis, the event coordinator will issue a statement on the incident and focus attention on the positive steps being taken to resolve the incident.

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Advertising, Numbers & Stickers (All Participants)

All participating vehicles are required to carry all stickers given by the Organizing Committee and affixed onto their assigned places on the vehicle. Any non-compliance means disqualification without any refund of fees.

Participants are NOT allowed to carry their own sponsor's stickers without prior approval by the Chief Scrutinizer. Participants are advice to observe this condition most carefully, as it is the intention of the Organizers to enforce this rule rigorously. A breach will result in disqualification without refund of fees. In the event of any doubt, please liaise with the Organizers.

In the event a participant is unable to put a particular sticker due to corporate policy or other reasonable grounds, the Organizers may at their absolute discretion allow the participant to forgo the sticking of the particular sticker and allow the participant to use their own sticker in the same place but only upon payment of the penalty as imposed by the Organizers.

Stickers Scrutinizing shall be during Event Briefing (usually on the eve of event).

Apart from Sponsor’s Stickers, any other stickers must be removed or blank out. Any non-compliance means disqualification without any refund of fees.

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Insurance (All Participants)

All participants must be covered by a personal accident insurance policy for the duration of the event.

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Indemnity (All Participants)

The organizers, creator/founder, representatives, officials, marshals, servants and anyone appointed by the event organizer, and event sponsors will not be held liable in any accident or incident caused to the participants or their vehicles during the course of the event.

The organizers and entities names in 19.1 will not be held liable for any breach of any laws or regulations. The participants will be entirely responsible for any accidents or breach of laws in which liability may arise and shall indemnify the organizers and sponsors of the event by signing the indemnity form.

The participants will have no claim whatsoever against the organizers or sponsors of the event. It is the participants own responsibility to have in force, a valid insurance coverage against third party liability.

All participants must agree to and sign an indemnity form before the start of the event. Failure to do so renders the participant ineligible to start with no refund of the entry fee.

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General Code of Conduct (All Participants)

Participants shall:

Consumption of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs during convoy or SS is strictly prohibited. Anyone who in the opinion of the Convoy Doctor is driving under the influence of the above shall be expelled from the convoy/ event.

Carrying of Firearm during the event is strictly prohibited.

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Environment (All Participants)

These rules have been included to ensure we all participate in a world class event that is at the forefront of environment conservation by abiding with globally accepted environmental practices when travelling through and camping on public land.

All campsites must be left as we found them. Take all of your own rubbish and maybe that of other peoples. Do not bury any rubbish.

As toilets are not available, please ensure you dig a hole and bury “night soil” at least 100 metres away from campsites and water sources. Failure to comply with this requirement will be immediate disqualification from the event.

When on the beach, please ensure that you keep to the marked tracks and don’t drive over or damage vegetated sand dunes.

Do not cut down or damage standing trees or plants during the event.

Ensure you drive on the marked tracks. Whereby possible, attempt to remove fallen trees, etc. thats blocking the way rather than trying to manoeuvre around them.

Any participants found to litter indiscriminately during the event will incur forfeiture of deposit and subsequently banned fron participating in future events.

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Convoy Procedures (All Participants)

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Classification of Finisher (All Participants)

A participant is deemed a Finisher if he appears at the finish of the event after traversing the entire route without contravening any of the regulations lay out by the Organizers.

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Rights of Organiser (All Participants)


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